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Hood Filter Cleaning Pittsburgh

A kitchen hood is always a headache to restaurant owners; no matter how often you clean it, it will become greasy in no time. 


No need to search anywhere as we know the real cause of the issue with its right solution. The answer to all your problems is the hood filter; if you keep your hood filter in good condition, you won’t face much trouble with the hood system.


A hood filter is the mesh wire that stops grease vapors and tiny particles from reaching the fan. It keeps the hood system in functional conditions and ensures that your hood system pumps out excess smoke from the kitchen. It also prevents grease fires from occuring in commercial kitchens.


A hood filter is one of the essential parts of your kitchen hood filter!


It is usually a square or rectangle mesh sheet kept on the opening of your exhaust system. It is also known as a grease baffle filter as it is used to trap grease and grime that flies up the hood system.


However, the filter gets blocked when the grease and the cooking residue stays there for a long time. Not cleaning your hood filter can be a real problem for the business and compromise the safety of your staff.

hood filter cleaning for restaurant hood

Why should you keep your hood system clean?

If you are running a restaurant business in Pittsburgh, you know that grease is the greatest villain of any kitchen. The cooking oil and other food residue convert into grease over time and stay on the vent of the hood system. This grease is flammable, and when the temperature increases, even a small spark can start a fire.


Hood filters are the objects that trap the major amount of grease that comes up from the kitchen. So ignoring the kitchen hood filter when cleaning increases the chances of fire in the kitchen. Trust us on this; once the fire starts, you won’t be able to control it.


By cleaning the hood filter on time and keeping it in good condition, you are ensuring the safety of your restaurant.

When should you clean your hood filter?

Now that you know how important it is to clean your hood filter, make sure to clean them regularly.

To ensure the safety of your kitchen, we strongly suggest you clean your hood filter daily. Cleaning the hood filter should be done by a professional. It’s always best to call a local hood cleaning company like Up In the Hood Cleaners of Pittsburgh, PA. 

The functioning of a hood filter is pretty basic. Smoke and hot air pass through the filter and trap particle dirt in it. With the presence of oil in it, the dirt becomes greasy and grimy and blocks the filter.

When you do not clean the filter daily, the accumulation of grease on the filter increases significantly. Over time the entire filter will get clogged and stop air passage, filling up your kitchen with smoke.

How to clean the hood filter?

Cleaning a hood filter is not a difficult task. You can either wash it with a scrubber or in the dishwasher. However, we strongly recommend you wash the filter by hand with a scrubber if it is made of aluminum.

When to change your hood filter?

Even if you clean your filter regularly, you might have to change the filter out once in a while. Check for signs such as dents, corrosion, or excess clogging on the filter during your regular cleaning. If you spot any, then call us for hood filter cleaning!

We will come to your kitchen, take the measurement and get you a top-quality steel hood filter.

If you don’t know whether your hood filter is in good condition or not, we can check that for you. So reach out to us now!

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