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Owning a restaurant in Pittsburgh is cool and fun until you learn about the rules regarding restaurant exhaust hood cleaning. According to the health department and fire department of Pittsburgh: if a restaurant kitchen hood is not grease-free and clean, you might have to shut down the restaurant.

Neatness is the number one factor that the authorities and customers look for in a restaurant. The old tricks of keeping the dining area clean and kitchen messy won’t work now with the stricter rules. Officials will examine every nook and corner of your kitchen to assess your kitchen’s cleanness.

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The time-to-time inspection by the fire marshal demands a thorough cleaning of your kitchen. If you’re wondering why a fire marshall would inspect your kitchen, here is the reason. It is obvious that there are sources of fire in commercial kitchens such as stoves and burners. However, they are also concerned about the grease deposits on your exhaust hood.

Grease is one of the biggest villains of any commercial kitchen; It can cause more damage than you think. If there is grease deposition on the exhaust hood system of your commercial kitchen, you are at great risk of  fire.


Grease is formed by accumulating food residues, oil, and other liquid ingredients on the hood system. When these particles stay on the hood system for a long time, it slowly becomes more greasy. The more you let it stay there, the greater the chances of a fire will be.


The fact that grease is the number one reason for the fire outbreak in restaurants makes the situation worse for restaurant owners. The worst part about grease fire is that grease is flammable, and it is difficult to put out. So when you call the fire department, the entire building will likely be on fire by the time they reach you.


A greasy hood also affects your kitchen’s neatness and hygiene, eventually affecting your overall cleanliness. So it is essential to call a professional for a restaurant hood cleaning service.

Benefits of Professional Restaurant Hood Cleaning

The grease built-up on the exhaust hood system will be a breeding ground for germs. That will also produce a bad smell, ruining the entire ambiance of the kitchen and the dining area. For the safety and the hygiene of your restaurant, you need the service of a professional kitchen cleaning company.

 When to do professional hood cleaning?

Now that you know professional cleaning is essential for your commercial kitchen hood, it is time to think of it.


The frequency of hood cleaning mainly depends on your usage. For instance, if you use oil and other grease ingredients frequently, we strongly suggest cleaning your hoods monthly.


However, if you do not use much oil, it is okay to do restaurant cleaning once every three months. Just make sure that you have a fixed schedule for cleaning your hood system based on your requirements.


The National Fire Protection Association guidelines suggest that you must clean your hood once a month if you use solid fuel.


If you are still confused about when to clean your exhaust hood system, give us a call. Our expert cleaning team will visit your restaurant and help you out.

Why Up In The Hood Cleaners?

The answer is simple; we provide Pittsburgh’s best restaurant hood cleaning services. Our expert team and the most modern equipment ensure that your hood is in its best condition for a longer time.


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