Rooftop Grease


The National Fire Protection Association instructs every restaurant in Pittsburgh to have grease containments and regular restaurant grease cleanings. A grease containment system is a box that is installed on the top of the roof of restaurants. It stores the grease that your hood system traps in and ensures that it won’t spill on the roof.


A rooftop grease containment is essential for the safety of your roof and your restaurant as a whole. It keeps a check on the durability of your roofing and protects the drainage from grease blocking. When you call a local hood cleaning company, make sure they clean the entire hood exhaust system!

How does a grease containment system work?

A grease containment system traps the grease coming up through the hood vent. That way, it won’t spill over the roof and damage the texture of the rubber. As most of the roofs of the restaurants in Pittsburgh are made of rubber. It also protects your walls and the whole drainage system.

Do you need a rooftop grease containment system?

The exhaust system pumps the grease vapors and smokes out of the kitchen. Then it will pass through the vent, go up to the rooftop, and save your kitchen from fire. 

The corrosive nature of grease will destroy the texture of the rubber roof and harden it from the inside. Leading to the breakage of the roof during season changes, causing damage to your building.

rooftop grease containment cleaning
rooftop grease containment

This grease can also flow down from the roof through the sides, staining the walls of your building. If it flows to the drainage system with rainwater, it can start a fire.


A functional rooftop grease containment system can save your restaurant from all of these difficult situations. All you have to do is install a good-quality rooftop grease containment system and hire the best restaurant hood cleaning company around.


Get the perfect rooftop Grease containment. 


Rooftop grease containment is essential for the safety of any commercial kitchen. However, getting any container system won’t provide you with the safety you’d expect. It should have a hydrophobic lining to ensure that water does not sweep into it and mix with grease. The lining holds the grease in the tank from overflowing even during heavy storms.


It is essential to get a grease containment system for each kitchen’s hood system. Otherwise, you might end up creating a bigger mess than usual on the rooftop. The other thing you have to check before getting a rooftop grease containment system is the shape and size. Grease contaminants are of different shapes and sizes, and you should choose yours according to your requirements. Take into account the factors such as the size of your kitchen and usual grease deposition on the hood.


The health department of Pittsburgh insists on hiring a professional rooftop grease remover to install the grease containment. It assures you that your rooftop grease containment is of good quality.


Our team of expert rooftop grease removers can make the headache of installing a grease container vanish within no time. We know which containment serves your purpose and gives you the best result.

Maintain the grease containment system

Installing a rooftop containment does not end your duty; you have to keep checking on it once in a while. First understand that a grease containment system is a temporary grease storage unit. You have to clean it from time to time to ensure its safety. The longer the grease stays there, the greater the chances of a fire outbreak or leakage is.


So don’t wait anymore; call us now and get a full-on hood rooftop grease cleaning!

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